What To Do When CPS Starts Investigating You

Posted on: 23 January 2015

Having the Child Protection Services (CPS) called on you can be a very scary thing. Knowing that someone is at your home that could potentially take your child away is an awful feeling. What you need to realize is that just because CPS is investigating, doesn't mean that anything will happen to you. People often call in fake CPS reports to get even with someone who has wronged them. If you have CPS knocking at your door and are unsure how to handle it, follow these tips.

Ask what you're being accused of

When the caseworker shows up, they often wait as long as possible to tell you what you are being accused of. However, they are required by law to give you the details of your accusation. Calls to CPS are completely confidential so they can't tell you who called, but they have to tell you what was said.

Take everything seriously

The CPS workers have to take every case seriously. You need to take it seriously too. It isn't just going to go away because you tell them that it isn't true. You have to talk to the caseworkers and do exactly what they tell you to do. The quicker you cooperate, the more quickly they can close your case.

Don't hesitate to call a lawyer

If your case is something easy such as you're on drugs and all they want is a drug test, which can go away very easily assuming you can pass a drug test. However, if you are being accused of molesting a child or something of that degree, you should definitely contact a family lawyer like Souders Law Group.

You don't have to let a caseworker inside

Caseworkers will often come to your home when they contact you. You do not have to let one inside without a court order. You can politely agree to meet him or her at their office. However, the caseworkers generally cannot officially close out a case until they have seen the inside of your home. The caseworker will go inside and check for food, running water, and a proper area for your child to sleep.

Take your child to the doctor

If you're being accused of physical or sexual abuse, take your child to the pediatrician. The doctor can give your child an exam and write a letter to CPS.

Your first instinct is probably to get very nervous if CPS starts investigating you. As long as you have nothing to hide, you shouldn't have anything to worry about. However, don't hesitate to call a lawyer if you are worried that your children can be potentially taken away.