Social Security Disability Cases: Why Hiring A Lawyer Is Worth The Cost

Posted on: 1 April 2015

If you are filing a social security disability claim, the process can be confusing and you might be up against an employer that is reluctant to pay out. You may feel like bringing in a lawyer to help fight your case would be an expensive endeavor, but this might be your only option. Here are three reasons you can afford to bring in a lawyer to help settle your social security disability benefit claims.

1. A Better Chance for Results and Payout

If you don't hire a lawyer, you might put yourself in a situation where your disability claims are denied. If you are unsure if you are filing correctly, you cannot afford to resubmit your claim and have this rejected a second time. This can put you at risk of losing long-term benefits, which is an investment that needs to be protected. Having a lawyer help with filing paperwork and resubmitting claims has its advantages. Your lawyer will know how to do this correctly and you will look more serious with legal representation.

2. You Will Not be Charged Up-front

Social security disability lawyers often will not charge for their services up-front. They are used to working with individuals that are in the process of seeking payouts and benefits from claims and they understand that you might not have the money up-front. By working to ensure that your social security benefits come through, you can then pay your lawyer once you are receiving your monthly benefits.

3.  Your Lawyer Will Work to Get You Back-Pay and Other Hidden Benefits

Lawyers may look over your case and realize that what you are asking for isn't even everything that you should have coming your way. If your social security benefits have been delayed, there is a chance that you should be asking for back-pay over and above your monthly benefits. There may be other benefits that you have overlooked that your lawyer can apply for on your behalf as well. Lawyers that specialize in these types of cases will be much more equipped to handle the tricky nuances of your case that you wouldn't be aware of.

If you are worried that your social security disability claim may be rejected or this has been denied, find a social security disability attorney from a firm like to help you through the process. A one-time fee with a lawyer is worth every penny if in the end you are able to secure your long-term monthly benefits. Protecting your investments today will be far more beneficial for your financial stability in the long-run.