5 Reasons To Get A DUI Attorney

Posted on: 27 November 2015

No one plans to go out drunk driving. Sometimes, however, things happen that are not planned in advance. If you have been charged with driving drunk, you should consider hiring a DUI attorney as your first and best option. Even if you did not drink, the law is not always fair and you may fall victim to confusing court procedures leading you to be judged guilty. Here are 5 specific reasons that a DUI lawyer is your best shot at true justice:

Protect the Downside

What you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You want to make sure that you don't make any self-incriminating statements. If you're the only one representing you, you might not know the consequences of the words you say or don't say. A lawyer can help you cover all your bases, and prevent you from revealing too much information.

Identify the Other Side's Faults

A DUI attorney can help you determine what potential actions by the other party in the accident may put them at legal fault. Even if you feel that you were at fault in a multi-vehicle accident, there are many things that the driver of the other vehicle could have been doing. They could have been drinking, smoking, texting, or otherwise driving in an irresponsible manner. If you can point out their faults, your chances of winning are higher and insurance will go in your favor.

Advise You On Answering Questions

When on the stand in the court room, you do not have to answer every single question. Your lawyer can help you stay silent when necessary to avoid hurting your odds at a fair outcome.

Getting the Right Paperwork in Order

There can be a lot of confusing paperwork to fill out when it comes to DUI cases. You want to ensure that you send everything required (such as identification, signatures, etc.) in well before the deadlines. DUI attorneys are well versed in these matters and make the process accurate, quick, and easy.

Plead for a Lighter Sentence

In the unfortunate case that the evidence is overwhelming and you are guilty of driving under the influence, then you can still get the best deal possible with an attorney. They can help plead with the judge on your behalf.

Drunk driving is no joke. If you have been accused of driving under the influence, don't panic. Hire a law firm like Bommarito Law Firm and increase your chances of a just ruling.