About Business Partner Money Drama & Getting Help From A Lawyer

Posted on: 14 December 2015

Dealing with a bad business partner can be frustrating when he or she is trying to keep your share of the profits. If you have tried to discuss the issue but can't seem to get your business partner to be fair, the next step should be speaking to a litigation lawyer about the situation. You may be able to get the money that is rightfully yours by filing a lawsuit. In this article, learn how a litigation lawyer can help you reach a settlement with your business partner through court or mediation.

How Will the Initial Consultation Go with a Litigation Lawyer?

The consultation will be done either on the phone or in person. It is better if you visit the lawyer in person so you can take along the business contract between you and your partner if there is one. The lawyer can then look over the contract to tell you if there is anything in it that you should be concerned about. For instance, there may be a clause in the contract that gives your partner the right to keep a certain percentage of the profits. Most of the initial consultation will involve the lawyer asking questions about the business and your relationship with your partner, which will be kept confidential.

What Happens as the Lawyer Begins Working on the Case?

The lawyer will begin by finding out how much of the mutual business profits your partner has actually been depositing into his or her personal bank account. An investigator may be hired by the lawyer to complete the task, and he or she can also investigate any secret foreign bank accounts that your partner may have. The income that your partner was bringing in prior to starting a business with you will be looked at to show that he or she was bringing in less income before taking your money. His or her assets, spending habits and overall lifestyle will be investigated. Witnesses may be found who may have heard your partner discussing how he or she has been stealing a portion of your money.

How Will the Lawyer Go About Settling the Business Dispute?

The first attempt to settle the dispute with your partner will be done through mediation if your partner cooperates. Mediation will allow your lawyer to present evidence on your behalf, as well as for your partner to argue his or her defense with a lawyers help. The dispute can be settled during one or more mediation sessions without you stepping foot in a court. However, court will be necessary if your partner does not agree with what you are trying to get compensated for. Get on the phone with a litigation lawyer to make an appointment for a consultation about your dispute. For more information, visit http://wfactorlaw.com.