4 Fact Finding Stages Of Your Auto Accident Case

Posted on: 12 July 2016

Being involved in a collision is sure to make any day more challenging. The extent of your injury and the severity your accident will dictate a number of your financial losses. If these are significant, you will want to consider strongly taking legal action against the other driver. There are many parts to civil litigation and knowing the various stages of fact-finding can be helpful for your situation.

The deposition

It's not uncommon for many civil cases to require both of the parties involved to have to attend a deposition. This is the time that you will need to meet with the other driver's attorney and answer a series of inquires. 

Listed below are some specifics you should know about this part of the lawsuit:

1.    You will be legally required to be sworn in before you can respond to any questions.

2.    You should never attend a deposition without having your attorney present.

3.    There will be a court reporter at this meeting, and this person will transcribe the entire thing.

Written interrogatories

You may need to answer a number of questions in great detail about the case. These are referred to as written interrogatories and can either be used to help your legal stance or hurt it. This makes it crucial to provide as much information as possible with preciseness.

Request for admissions

If you receive a set of statements that require an admittance or denial by you, this is referred to as a request for admissions.

The purpose of these statements is to get to the bottom of your auto accident case. Doing so could potentially decrease the amount of time in court.

Request for production documents

The key to recovering your financial losses will rest in having the right documentation on hand as evidence. Listed below are documents you should enter during this stage:

1.  Property damage – The cost to have your car repaired or replaced.

2.  Medical bills – Were you required to pay some medical costs for your full recovery? If so, all of these expenses should be filed to get reimbursed.

3.  Lost wages – Time lost from work should be compensated for you.

Auto accidents can wreak havoc on your life, and the key to being able to move past this will rest in getting back on financial track quickly. Be sure to schedule an appointment today with your auto accident attorney for legal advice on your case.

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