How To Recover Damages After A Spouse Vandalizes Your Vehicle

Posted on: 5 May 2018

A romantic relationship is important for your well-being and happiness. Unfortunately, relationships are not always easy. If a relationship is unhealthy, then you will see both parties lash out each other. However, it should never cross the line of physical abuse or damaging your spouse's property. Read on to find out how to recover damages after a spouse vandalizes your vehicle.

File A Police Report

You should call the police the moment that you know your vehicle has been damaged. There are common incidents of a spouse losing control and busting out windows or slashing tires. It does not feel good knowing that someone did something to your vehicle on purpose.

The responding police office will generate a report for the incident. This report consists of a summary of who damaged your vehicle and what occurred. It contains the facts and the opinions of the investigating officer.

Take Pictures Of Your Vehicle

If your vehicle is damaged, then you need to take pictures of the damages. The pictures are necessary for insurance and a civil case. It also helps to have current pictures of your vehicle before the vandalism. Current pictures show your vehicle was in good condition before the incident occurred.

Contact Your Insurance Company

It helps to notify your car insurance company about the damages. Your insurance adjuster can tell you what is covered by your policy. You will probably want to get your vehicle fixed immediately to prevent from missing work. There is also the possibility of having to pay for alternative transportation while your car is getting repaired. You should hold on to receipts for repairs and other related expenses.

File A Complaint

If you are ready to file a complaint, then you should talk to a civil litigation lawyer like those at Hart Law Offices, PC. A complaint is a document that explains the cause for the lawsuit. Your lawyer will draft and file your complaint. The complaint is filed at the courthouse and has to be given to a court clerk. You should also expect to pay a fee. If you have any questions, then you should ask them.

To sue, you must have the person's home address or work address. The court has to send the complaint to the person being sued and notify the person of the court date.                                                 

It is all about what you can prove to win a civil case. You need to get evidence to prove your case. If you spouse sent text messages about damaging your vehicle, then the messages can help prove your case.