Three Pivotal Steps To Take When Applying For Social Security Disability

Posted on: 4 December 2018

If you have a disability and have worked long enough, you may be able to qualify for Social Security disability. This program pays monthly benefits to those who can no longer work. Applying for these benefits may seem daunting, but you can improve your odds of acceptance by taking these measures. 

Understand Who's Eligible 

So that you don't waste your time applying for this benefits program, you need to know what it takes to be considered eligible for Social Security benefits. The standards are pretty strict in fact. 

First and foremost, you must have a condition or physical problem that hinders your ability to work. A medical physician has to verify this disability as well and must submit paperwork to the appropriate Social Security departments. The condition or medical problem also must be severe enough to where you can't transition to other types of gainful employment.

Carefully Work Through the Paperwork  

Perhaps the most time-consuming aspect of applying for Social Security benefits is submitting all of the necessary paperwork. Since there are so many forms, it's quite easy to overlook information and make a mistake.

You need to avoid doing so, however, because it could delay your benefits and even bring about a rejection. Take your time with each document signed. Once you've filled out the necessary forms, go back through them to make sure they're complete and factually accurate. It helps to have someone else scan these documents as well, just in case you overlooked something.

Hire an Attorney 

A lot of times, your first application to receive Social Security disability will get denied. This is perfectly normal, but you can counter this rejection by hiring an attorney who's experienced with Social Security benefits.

They'll take a look at your case and talk to the appropriate parties. With a little investigation, they can see why exactly your application was denied the first time. It may have been an error in the application or more medical evidence may be required to prove your disability. Whatever the case, your attorney will work non-stop until you're granted the benefits you so desperately need.

It's never fun to find yourself with a disability and unable to work and provide for a family. If you've found yourself in this position, there's always Social Security benefits. Although the road to getting these benefits is long and potentially filled with obstacles, you can set yourself up for success by taking your time and understanding what's required on your part as the applicant.