Common Signs That You May Be Able to Have Your Ticket Dismissed

Posted on: 30 November 2020

When you have your first speeding ticket, you might assume that you will simply need to pay it and that there is no way to have it dismissed. You might also be afraid to go up against the traffic ticket court. However, in some cases, you might have a better chance of having your speeding ticket dismissed than you might think.

Your State Offers a Driver's Safety Course

In some states, regardless of the circumstances, you may be able to get out of your first speeding ticket if you take a driver safety course. You may also be able to take the course online when it's most convenient. 

Your Officer is Making Mistakes

Like any other professional, officers sometimes make mistakes. The officer might write information down about your ticket that is incorrect. He might fail to show up for the traffic ticket hearing. There might be inconsistencies in the officer's testimony. If there is any reason to suspect that the officer doesn't have his ducks in a row, you may have a good chance of having your case dismissed.

If you delay your court case, you can increase the odds that the officer will not show up. Make sure that you do not wait too long before delaying your hearing or you may not be able to do so. Before doing this, you will also need to request a trial for your ticket.

You Definitely Weren't Speeding

If you are certain that you were not speeding, you may question whether the radar used by the officer was functioning properly. If the radar is defective, this might lead to a false reading and proving that the radar was defective can lead to your speeding ticket being dismissed.

You Have a Great Driving Record

If you have a great driving record, your attorney will be more likely to give you a break and might simply dismiss the ticket and issue a warning. If the court does not do this, however, you'll need to have a defense prepared.

If You Have Spoken to a Speeding Ticket Attorney

The speeding ticket law firm will examine the facts of the case and help you understand if you have a good chance of having your traffic ticket dismissed. The attorney may observe details on your ticket that are incorrect and can give advice on whether she thinks the judge will dismiss the ticket based on this.