Negligence In Designing And Testing Seatbelts Can Lead To Auto Ejections

Posted on: 22 December 2020

Having a defective seatbelt in a serious accident can lead to you being thrown out of your car. This type of incident can lead to more serious injuries because you are more exposed to more bodily harm once outside of your vehicle. One of the primary functions of a seatbelt is to keep you from being thrown from your car but some seatbelts are unfortunately defective and break when you need them the most.

Why You Were Ejected from Your Vehicle

You may have been rear-ended with enough force to throw you through your windshield. If your car rolls over, that can generate enough force to throw you from your car. You may even end up under your own vehicle.

Types of Injuries

If you are thrown from your vehicle, you might suffer from internal bleeding, broken bones, a head injury, cuts and lacerations, and a spinal cord injury. You may find yourself in the hospital for an extended period and may have very expensive medical bills as a result.

Ejection Prevention

The best way to prevent an ejection is to wear a seatbelt. However, if the seatbelt rips and fails to keep you in place as the accident occurs, you may be thrown from your car even if you didn't forget to wear it. Therefore, you'll want to speak with a negligence attorney about how you can seek compensation for your injuries.

Negligence in a Defective Seatbelt Case

To seek a settlement, you will need to find out why the seatbelt was defective in the first place. It might have been defective because the auto manufacturer was negligent when designing the seatbelt. Or, the seatbelt might be defective because the car was repaired and the repair technician damaged the seatbelt. Either party might have failed to test the seatbelt.

Defenses Against Negligence

The defendant would need to prove that they did not fail to manufacture a working product or that they did not fail to test it. If your negligence attorney is able to prove that the opposite is the case, you may be able to reach a settlement for your medical expenses, future medical expenses, pain and suffering, and lost wages.

Don't underestimate how much your injuries have impacted you because you will not be able to seek further compensation once you have agreed to a settlement. But an experienced attorney such as Franklin L. Jones, Jr. can help you determine what you are entitled to