Keep Your Divorce Fees In Check

Posted on: 12 January 2022

An uncontested divorce that can be conducted quickly will cost less than one where two parties are squabbling over the division of property. Understanding a divorce lawyer's fees and communicating to them in a cost-effective manner can also aid with moving your case along swiftly for a minimal fee.

Legal Fees

A lawyer who you may hire to represent you during your divorce proceedings should provide you with a printout that outlines the fees that they charge. This printout will highlight the retainer fee and the hourly rate that you will be charged. Obtaining assistance through a process server, performing online and physical searches for information, and communicating via a telephone may be included in your hourly rate or may be charged in addition to the standard rate. All of the extra charges should be explained to you in their entirety.

Before you hire your lawyer, assess the fees and get an understanding of how long it will take to finalize your divorce. This will prevent you from being hit with surprise charges that you cannot afford while your divorce proceedings are underway.


Communicating via the phone or during an in-person meeting can result in additional hourly fees being added to your legal fee bill. Sending emails is an effective way to communicate and likely won't add any fees to what you owe. By using emails as a means of communicating, you will have ample time to formulate your ideas and carefully type what you would like to convey to your attorney.

You will also be furnished with a copy of what you wrote, which you can refer to whenever you would like. Using email as a means of communicating can also help keep your divorce proceedings fresh in your lawyer's mind. This could potentially aid with moving your case along in a smooth and consistent manner. 

Professional Support

Your divorce lawyer may have sympathy about the situation that you are going through, but they are not going to be able to counsel you or help you determine the proper way to move on with your life. If you are often compelled to share your struggles with your lawyer, remember that their job is to represent you and that they do not have any bearing on your personal feelings or future.

Unnecessary conversations that you hold with your lawyer could greatly increase your legal fees. Seek a support group or a counselor if you discover that you are struggling with the divorce and need someone to confide in about your situation. Reach out to a lawyer at a firm like North Metro Litigators to discuss what you need.