Reasons Why Many Personal Injury Lawyers Choose Out-Of-Court Settlements

Posted on: 22 February 2022

Many personal injury cases do not get to a court of law. That is because many lawyers prefer out-of-court settlements. Usually, court processes are expensive and time-consuming. Here are four reasons why you should settle your personal injury case without a court's intervention.

It Prevents Public Scrutiny

Some legal battles wind up on the first pages of the daily papers. For that reason, large companies want to avoid bad publicity at all costs because it hurts their brand equity and popularity. In addition, it can tarnish their image and set them up for a PR disaster. To avoid this, they will do anything in their power to settle a case out of court. 

So if you are a victim of a defective product, the manufacturer will often negotiate compensation out of court. In this case, your lawyer will help you readjust the settlement terms before accepting the offer. However, the company might demand that you sign a confidentiality agreement. The agreement ensures that you do not divulge details of the case to the public after the settlement.

It's Time Saving

A defendant can choose a lengthy settlement to avoid trial. A court case can drag on for years without an end. Therefore, eliminating the possibility of a court battle allows you to focus on things that matter most. Remember that building a case and hiring a defense team can also be time-consuming. Besides, preparing for court hearings requires time and resources, which won't be the case when you settle outside the court.

It Controls the Risks

If the defendant knows they are guilty, they will not want to hand over their fate to the hands of a jury. That is because a jury can sympathize with the victim and award them a hefty settlement. Since the defendant wants to control the risks and keep their money, they will do whatever it takes to avoid the court. However, if the trial proceeds to court, complications may arise and cost them more money. 

It Is a Win-Win for Everyone

When a defendant offers a settlement, you can both win. However, if the case proceeds to court, there is no guarantee how much the negligent party will pay in damages. You could also lose the case and get no compensation. If the company you are suing loses, they have to pay you back as required by the law. Thus, a settlement serves both parties in equal measure.

If you have a personal injury case, consider an out-of-court settlement. A personal injury lawyer can help you file the claim and negotiate with the other party without going to court. Direct any additional questions to a law firm like Law Office of Robert Karwin.