What You Should Know About Domestic Violence Bail Bonds

Posted on: 9 December 2022

A domestic violence arrest is a serious issue. When you go to jail for domestic violence, you need to work with a bail bonds company that has experience with domestic violence cases. The bondsman will have the expertise and knowledge to help you avoid any additional violations of the bail bond terms. Here are some things you need to know:

What Is Considered Domestic Violence?

Domestic violence is a serious charge that occurs in families and close relationships. Domestic violence can occur between family members, couples, and children. This charge can be a result of either physical or emotional abuse. However, emotional abuse can be harder to prove.

What Do You Need to Know About Domestic Violence Bail Bonds?

Domestic violence often occurs in a home or private setting. When you are arrested for domestic violence, it is a mandatory arrest and jail time. Like other types of bail bonds, domestic violence bail bonds require mandatory attendance at court hearings. You also must avoid any additional charges or arrests. One of the key differences between a domestic violence bond and other bonds is the restraining order that comes with it. A restraining order means you are required to remain away from the person or people making the complaint to avoid additional problems. The arrest can happen even if the person who made the complaint decides not to press charges. If the police arrive at the incident and the person has signs of abuse, you can be arrested and charged with domestic violence. The overall extent of the abuse can impact the charge.

How Do You Get a Domestic Violence Bail Bond?

A domestic violence charge can be very emotional. You can face an arrest even if the domestic violence is a result of a misunderstanding. You can face major challenges when you are charged with domestic violence. A professional bail bondsman will explain everything to you. You will know what all you are allowed to do or not do while you are out of jail on bond. You must avoid any additional violations while you are out on bail to remain out of jail. During this time, you will work on your defense case.

If you are facing a domestic violence charge, or if you are going to help someone who was arrested for domestic violence, you need to contact a domestic violence bail bond company to help you through the process.